Our mainsails are Radial and Cross cut using Contender cloths . Complete with customer high speed epoxy battens . Come complete with numbers colour choices available a high load Allen cunningham block, sail bag and tell tales.


The Genoa is cross cut made from Dacron. Included are Large window, luff wire, tell tales and sail bag. Stuff luff available on request 


The spinnaker is radial foot and cross cut above to provide stability at the high load areas. glued and stitched seams for longetivity comes complete with sailbag.

Main Laminate £800.00
  Dacron £700.00
Genoa   £375.00
Spinnaker   £385.00
Colour :
Full Set With Laminate Main £1400.00
spinnaker colour :
Full Set With Dacron Main £1300.00
spinnaker colour :